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Make regulation simply a chance

Take your document and regulation management to the next level. With Regul.AI, you benefit from the latest technologies that help increase the efficiency of your management.

  • Cloud platform with automatic document screening and updating
  • Access to more than 15,000 AI analyzed and prepared legal documents (growing daily)
  • Unlimited creation of legal and regulation collections
  • Easy collaboration on projects, collections or documents
  • Daily growing expert community with active knowledge exchange

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What our customers say about our beta

Regulai's regulatory document and regulation management simplifies my daily tasks and allows me to better collaborate with colleagues on requirements.

Compliance Manager

Since the software is still in beta, I can discuss my challenges together with the product owners and wish for solutions and features. These are also implemented promptly

Regulation Consultant

The AI Assistant scans my own uploaded documents extremely quickly. This means that I receive suggestions for the most important passages in the shortest possible time and can read and understand the document in a pre-structured way, and thus much faster.

Legal Department

Our Top Features (Already fully usable in Beta!)

Exclusive Up-to-Date Document Database

Exclusively documents from primary government sources with machine document scawling

Standardized keyword tagging and search

Standardized keyword tagging and search of documents with reference to regulation objects

AI Identification of regulatory requirements

jAImes-supported identification of regulatory requirements;  up to 25 times faster text scanning

Document organization and management

Create your own legal cadastre and collections from all existing and your own documents

Simple collaboration with projects-feature

Collaboration of experts-in-loop from companies, service providers and legal counsel

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Our crawled documents (constantly growing)

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Regul.AI is currently in beta. We are already solving many problems and simplifying governance, regulation and compliance management. Until our planned go-live of our software, our complete tool is free to use. Join our daily growing community today and benefit from our AI based technology. Our community is made up of members who create new documents, build collections, and simplify their regulatory processes every day.

We thrive on customer feedback. Shape the future of regulation with us.

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