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Next level Regulation, Compliance and Documentmanagement SaaS

RegTech solution for start-ups, SMEs and enterprise companies

RegTech software helps you make your regulatory processes and document management easier and more efficient. offers you all the features you need to take your regulation management to the next level.

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Create own Legal Register

Create your own legal register. You can access all documents from our database (>10.000 legal content documents) or add your own documents to the legal register.

AI assistant for regulatory affairs and document management

We call our AI: jAImes. This assistant will facilitate all your tasks around regulatory, compliance, document management and much more


Analysis and tagging of custom directories with jAImes

In a few seconds you can find the requirements, exceptions and consequences in a document and save the suggested text passages.

Table of contents with brief description of each content item (GPT-4)

You will automatically receive a brief summary for each content point in a document (even for documents uploaded specifically for this purpose).

Overview changes in documents

Get insight into changes made by goverment in legislative texts.

Overview of all marked requirements per document

Passages of text with requirements, exceptions, and consequences are clearly presented and highlighted.

Search for requirements in a document

View all requirements summarized from one document.

Upload and create your own documents (private & public)

You can upload your own documents, work on them privately, or even share them with the community.

Access to all public collections and legal registers

You will have access to all public collections where laws and documents on specific topics are collected.

Creation of own collections

You can create your private collection: A collection of documents you create for a relevant topic (private & public).

Create your own Project

Create your own projects in the Regul.AI SaaS. In projects you can tag, mark up, comment on and share legal texts with colleagues.

Collaboration on documents, collections and projects

Mark your colleagues in passages of documents, requirements or simply leave a note for your colleagues.

Notifications of changes in laws & documents

You will receive a notification when a document or document view changes (validity, new version of the document itself or other changes).

Notifications of changes in collections & legal registry

You will be notified when changes are made to a collection or legal registry.

Access to the community with know-how

You will have access to all public documents and their previous comments, markups, requirements, etc.

Document search with full access to all documents

Use the search bar to effortlessly access over 10,000 analyzed legal documents

Link users in sections and paragraphs

Link your colleagues in entire sections or assign complete paragraphs with a note or a task.

Discussion with users (private, public) about areas and paragraphs

In the projects you can discuss documents internally or with all other users of the community.

Upload own directories (URL, import)

Upload your own document directories (private or public). jAImes will analyze these documents and mark the most important content for them, for example.

Audit module with requirements catalog, status and reports

Process your audits according to our proven schemes and create standardized reports as a basis for decision-making.

Keyword-based highlight search per document

jAImes automatically searches for relevant keywords matching their search and highlights them in the documents.

Store documents with URL and receive notifications

If a legal text is not yet available in our database, you can create it via URL or upload and activate the notification in case of a change (URL).

Ask experts and the community

Regulai experts are available on topics such as compliance, regulatory issues, and more. You can ask them or reach out to the community and ask for advice.

Templates for editing documents

Use the templates of our experts to get faster decisions and results.

Customized reports

jAImes creates reports for documents and collections within a very short time. These reports serve as a basis for decisions on compliance and regulatory issues.

Data transfer via API

You get your own API and can directly integrate the results from Regulai into your systems. E.g. tagging and direct labeling of products with label printing.

Regul.AI on Premise

comming soon is in a fully functional beta. Not all of these features are live yet. Please check the status of the features here. We are working on our roadmap daily and releasing new features almost daily. Until we switch from our beta to a live version, you will get all features with the free account!
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